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My interest in Buses began about 20 years ago.  At the time I was building limousines and it seemed as if it would never be economically feasible to build a custom coach.  In 2002 I purchased a rundown 1990 Setra 215 HDH (pictured on the Home Page) directly from Setra in North Carolina.  It had been retired and they had started stealing parts from it.  After some repair I drove it back from North Carolina and started working on it immediately without realizing what a job I had ahead of me.  As it turns out the Setra is one of the more difficult buses to convert due to the center aisle of the floor. I have posted pictures of the coach in the different stages as it has progressed through the years. Doing this bus conversion has taken 9 years now just to get through the mechanical, body, and electrical, but we do expect to have it finished before the end of this year.  We have done a lot of customizing along the way including a new updated front end assembly, new rear bumper, window blockouts, and rear spoiler which are shown on the services page.

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                    Wayne Stanford
                    48601 Ryan Rd.
               Shelby Twp., MI  48317
                     (586) 739-7878


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